Presenting a series of complimentary business development webinars for
business owners across Queensland
A total of 25 webinars on various key business topics will be delivered by industry
experts over the next 12 months. Webinars are targeted to business owners at all
stages of business and will cover the following topics:
Considering a business
Improve your business performance
Attracting new customers to your business
Retaining your profitable customers
Financial management: ‘back to basics’
Financial management: ‘the how to’
Planning your successful business
Business Continuity Planning
Strengthen your business today
What is a webinar?

Webinars are live presentations conducted in ‘real time’. In a webinar
each participant sits in the comfort of their home or workplace and
using their computer is connected to the presenter via the internet.
Webinars bring together a range of industry experts and as an active
participant there is opportunity to ask questions and engage with other participants.

We know that business owners are busy and webinars offer a flexible, engaging way
to learn and network.
When are they taking place?
The first webinars (below) are scheduled for late July.

Improve your business performance Monday 28 July 7.30pm Register now

Each webinar will run for less than an hour and are scheduled during lunch times
(around 12.30pm) and in the evening (around 7.30pm).
If a proposed date clashes with a prior commitment, downloads will be made available
so you can still access the webinar content (however it is strongly advised to attend
the live event where possible).
How much does it cost?
There is no cost, however numbers are limited and bookings are essential.
How do I register?
Find out more information or register for a specific webinar here.
Alternatively, you can call the business hotline on 1300 363 711.
You are welcome to share this information with your business associates, friends
or family who may be interested.
Webinars are presented by the Queensland Government, in conjunction with
The Creative Collective.
Received & published by Henry Sapiecha